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We strive to offer our customers the most affordable testing solutions in the industry. DNA PLUS uses the country's leading DNA testing laboratory that specializing in analysis for court cases, forensic casework, paternity, family reconstruction, geneology, and research and development. We peform paternity testing for legal and private use, and also offer a wide range of familial relationship tests.

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What's The First Step?

Every customer's testing needs are unique, therefore, we highly recommend you call our customer service experts to ensure you get the right solution for you at (440) 487-4546. We take pride in hiring and training our own people so that your experience is confidential, friendly, & simple. Great customer service is our main goal!

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Court Ordered, Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA Testing: $399

We provide Legal DNA Paternity Testing for use in court cases involving divorce, child custody and child support, as well as for immigration, visa applications and estate or inheritance cases. We will arrange test collection at a location near you.
Contact today (440) 487-4546 to arrange a court ordered paternity test.

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Home DNA Testing Kits

Home DNA Testing: $199

Our Home DNA Test Kit is our most discrete and affordable kit. It includes a cheek swab for collecting DNA samples of both the child, and the father in question in the privacy of the home. Should it ever be necessary to use the results in court, they will have limited admissibility because proper chain-of-comand was not followed. See our legal tests.
Contact today (440) 487-4546 to order a home paternity test.

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Our Mission

We are committed to offering solutions at the best prices on the internet. We want to ensure that paternity testing is available at an affordable cost to those who need them. We take the confusion and uncertainty out of determining which test is right for you. Our philosophy is "Highest Quality Built-In". This means that every step of the process, from sample collection to results reporting, is critically designed, evaluated and monitored. This translates into the highest quality results possible. Our results can be expected within 48 hours once received at our lab. We are truly committed to serving you! Our trained professionals will provide you with the highest quality, genetic services, without the need of travel.

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DNA PLUS specializes in Legal DNA Testing, Paternity Testing, Maternity Testing, Immigration & Relationship Testing for Ohio court cases. Order your test today (440) 487-4546.
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