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Legal DNA Paternity Testing For Court

Legal DNA paternity tests are often needed for use in court. Divorce, child support, child custody, estate settlement and inheritance cases all require court admissible Legal DNA Paternity Test Results. Our legal DNA test provides conclusive evidence that a tested man IS or IS NOT the biological father of a child in question. For the test to be recognized as legally binding in court however, it must be conducted and documented in accordance with legal procedures which follow Chain of Custody rules. Chain of custody documentation requires that:

  • DNA samples are collected by a neutral third party
  • Each tested party provide positive and proper identification
  • Each tested party is photographed and fingerprinted
  • All samples are carefully tracked and documented through the entire testing process.

In addition, tested parties must complete Client Identification and Consent forms. In the case of testing of a minor, the child’s legal guardian is responsible for completing this form and consenting to the test.

If you anticipate that these results will be used in court to determine child support, custody, or inheritance issues, you must choose the Legal Test. If you are uncertain as to the best paternity DNA testing choice to meet your needs, please call us at (440) 487-4546 for assistance from one of our counselors.
Court Ordered Paternity Test


Adults who are being tested in accordance to Chain of Custody rules must present government issued photo identification such as a drivers license, passport, of military ID. Tested parties under the age of 18 must present a social security card, birth certificate, crib card, or immunization record.

Each tested party will have a cotton swab passed inside their cheek to collect cells which will be used to compile the subject’s DNA profile. This simple, painless process is identical for adults and children.
Legal Paternity Testing

Legal Paternity Testing Accuracy:

Your choice of test has no bearing on the accuracy of the results. We offer the various levels of test for your convenience and comfort, to meet your specific information needs. When testing procedures are properly followed, results that indicate that the tested man IS the father are 99.9% accurate. Results that indicate the tested man IS NOT the father are 100% accurate.
Paternity testing for court cases


Clear test results containing the statistical probability that the tested man is or is not the father are confidentially reported to the individual who ordered the test. Timely results can be expected within 2 business days after the lab begins processing the samples.

Legal DNA Testing
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